Monday, August 17, 2015

Hello there. Welcome to 1812global. I must say, it feels surreal finally having this site up and running. For those of you who have been my friends on Facebook for a long while, you’ll probably know by now that politics- especially international politics- is my one true love. I relate with politics almost the same way a maiden relates with her lover…*chuckles*…but it’s true. Like so many people, I watch the news on a daily basis, but I am more interested in making sense of it all. Politics can be a very tricky arena, and politicians are some of the greatest magicians in the world! That’s why it’s important to understand the “esoteric” nature of politics so you don’t get fooled. I am here to help you do that. I read politics, I watch politics, and I write politics…my job is to help you understand the world we live in, to give you a glimpse- via my words- of the maneuverings and conversations that take place behind closed doors in the halls of power, and to help you make sense of the eventual outcomes, which affect your personal lives.
I watch the news, and most times, I am amused. I chuckle whenever I hear a news anchor or analyst go over and over a particular point. Maybe you haven’t realized that while the main-stream-media claims to be unbiased, in reality, their job is not just to report the news, but also to direct your thought process by orchestrating the outline of the news so that ultimately, you begin to see things from a particular point of view. Clever right? It is.
1812global is my labor of love. Not everyone is as fascinated with politics, or with writing about it, as I am- no, I am not trying to portray myself as being too smart- but every one of us, everywhere in the world, is ultimately affected by the decisions of our political leaders…the men and women who call the shots in the halls of power. I am here to help you understand these decisions, so you can hold these leaders accountable. And I promise you, I will never mislead you with ambiguous words…it does not suit my character. I have no monopoly over the store-house of knowledge, and I do not pretend to. I am humbly inviting you to take this journey with me. Come learn with me, come talk with me, criticize me when necessary, challenge me, and inspire us all. The world of politics is a vast domain and to understand the present, most times, we must look to the past. History will guide us, and I will do my best to help you understand; because it is in all our interests to understand the international community we live in, and the politics of this international community. I am here to help you…and I call you “friend”. So, welcome, my friend…welcome to 1812global.
N/B: This is strictly a political/ international affairs site. Because of the lengthy, thought-provoking analytical process that goes into putting an article together- not forgetting pain-staking research and deciphering which particular subject to talk about at the appropriate time- while juggling all the other affairs of life, I will not be able to have an article up daily. My goal is quality, and not quantity. In light of this, 1812report will be a weekly journal i.e., I will post articles on a weekly basis- precisely Monday's. But as you know, the internet never goes to sleep; readership and comments on ALL uploaded posts are allowed every single second of every single day, and I will be a part of the interactive process. I look forward to meeting you here. Please enjoy the next post already uploaded...ALL THE FUSS ABOUT THE LEAHY LAW!
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Please bear with me, while I work to rectify the situation. Thank you.

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