Wednesday, June 29, 2016


It’s been a good run lately for Hillary Clinton. Her daughter, Chelsea, just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy; and she has become for all intents and purposes, the Presumptive Democratic Nominee for President, having secured enough delegates before the convention. But like it has been with her entire political life, Hillary’s run for the Presidency has not been easy, and she still has a long road ahead.
During the run to amass delegates, Hillary’s opponent in the Democratic field has been the formidable Bernie Sanders: the white-haired, finger-wagging, arms-flaying Senator from Vermont. Too far on the left, Sanders has criticized Hillary constantly, especially on issues relating to her Wall-Street leanings; and his supporters have had a field day many-a-times, “feeling the Bern” at Hillary’s expense.
Sanders has repeatedly questioned how Hillary can expect to be un-biased as President, and stand against Wall-Street interests when she has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from industry giants like Goldman Sachs. He has challenged Hillary- quite sarcastically - to release the transcripts of her speech. Of course, the former Secretary of State has always hit back; even though not always so effectively.
One of Bernie’s fellow extreme leftists has been Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts). Like Bernie, she initially wasn’t a fan of Clinton. But lately, she has come out swinging in support of the former First Lady, and has not been shy to throw jabs at Hillary’s opponent for the November Elections- the loud mouthed Donald Trump, who refers to Warren as ‘Pocahontas’!
Senator Warren has recently been included in campaign stops with Clinton. Her name has also been floated as a possible choice for Vice President. This is mostly because of her extensive support base. If Hillary is hoping to attract Bernie’s supporters to her side before November, she’s going to need a person like Senator Warren on her ticket. But there’s a problem- it may not be accepted by Hillary's friends in New York i.e., the folks on Wall-Street.
Wall Street insiders have disclosed that they would take back their support for Clinton, if she picks Warren- a woman so staunchly against the activities of big banks- as her running mate! Warren continuously pounded Wall-Street for contributing to the financial collapse, when she was elected to the Senate in 2012; and Wall-Street never forgets.
Losing the support of Wall-Street would cut deeply into Hillary’s financial support base. Apart from losing campaign dollars, should Hillary eventually become President, she would need someone with strong negotiating skills- on Capitol Hill, as well as on Wall-Street. That was something Joe Biden provided- and still does- for Barack Obama; but it may not be something a ‘Vice President Warren’ can provide for a ‘President Hillary Clinton’. Warren just doesn’t have that expertise.
Other names being vetted as potential Vice Presidential Candidates include Senators Cory Booker and Tim Kaine.
Elizabeth Warren has proven that she is a fighter, who is not afraid to stare the Bull in its eyes. She has referred to Donald Trump as a “thin-skinned nasty bully who serves no one but himself,” and declared that she would do what it takes to get Clinton to the White House, and keep Trump away from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But will her staunch (and much needed) support be able to land her a spot on the ticket, or will the ‘Ghost of Wall-Street’ prove too formidable for this feisty silver-haired leftist? Only time will tell!